This post deals with airport pickups, an important service our staff can arrange for you. We consider this information to be very useful for you to successfully meet your driver in the airport upon your arrival.

José Martí International Airport in Havana has five terminals. Terminals 2 and 3 are the ones dedicated to international flights. However, most fights arrive at Terminal 3. This post talk about airport pickups in Terminal 3 only.

After you successfully pass the immigration check process, you’ll get access to the main room, a large salon where people wait for travelers. There are only two doors from where you can show up, the East Salon and the West Salon. People gather around these doors to wait for travelers.

Havana Airport East Salon
Havana Airport T3 East Salon
Havana Airport West Salon
Havana Airport T3 West Salon

When you get into the big room, you’ll be able to see several drivers waiting for guests. Your driver will be usually standing there waiting for you and showing a sign with your name. He will be there well in advance, and will wait even if your flight gets delay. We deal with professional drivers, they have been doing this job for many years. It’s important for us to have your flight number, so we can track the flight up in the information dashboard.

Drivers waiting for guests at Havana Airport T3
Drivers waiting for guests at Havana Airport T3

Based on our experience, we have an emergency plan in case you can’t meet the driver. If you don’t see a driver showing your name on a sign, just wait next to the INFOTUR kiosk. It’s located right in the middle of the common area, it’s very easy to find it. You can even ask the lady sitting there to make a phone call. If you manage to make a phone call, please inform the agent who arranged your pickup and wait right next to INFOTUR. After booking an airport pickup with us we’ll provide you a phone number to call in case of emergency.

INFOTUR T3 Terminal in Havana
Meeting place in case of emergency for gusts who book airport pickup with CubaCabs.

After you meet the driver, he can take you to the money exchange point or to the cashier machine in case you need it. There are two places for getting CUC (the Cuban currency) in the airport. The first one is the cashier machine, located inside the common area, just behind the INFOTUR point.

CADECA in Havana Airport T3
A cashier machine for money withdrawal in the Terminal 3 of the Airport in Havana, Cuba

The second place to get CUC is the currency exchange point, located outside the main room. Remember you must pay the driver in cash, so you should consider getting some CUC. We also suggest you to not exchange too much money in the airport, as they offer the lowest exchange rate in Havana. After getting to your casa, your host will probably be able to help you to exchange money for a better rate.

Currency exchange in Havana Airport
Currency exchange kiosk in Havana Airport Terminal 3, it’s located outside the main room.

Our last suggestion is to get a local SIM Card. That would be an easy way to communicate with locals by calls and texts as you won’t have internet connection most part of the time. The driver can take you to the ETECSA kiosk in the airport if desired. It’s located in the commercial area in front of the main gate out, you can get there by just crossing the street.

Commercial zone in Havana Airport Terminal 3
Commercial zone in Havana Airport Terminal 3, go to this area if you’re looking for ETECSA offices.
ETECSA Office in Havana Airport Terminal 3
The ETECSA Office in Havana Airport Terminal 3, this is the right place to get a local SIM card

Well, that’s all for now. Hope this post could help as many travelers as possible 🙂

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